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Herbal tea brewed with fish mint and mul...

Soothing the Summer Heat with Herbal Dietary Therapies

During the sweltering summer days in Taipei, the hot sun and stuffy air can make one feel restless. In addition to gorging on iced drinks and escaping to air-conditioned rooms to get out of the heat, you can also use herbal dietary therapies to get rid of the humidity and heat in your body, bringing about a sense of calming coolness from the inside out.

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クールなリノベーション: 台北で探す古い建築物


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Hidden in plain sight within the concret...

Find Yourself in a Cool Place: Renovated Old Buildings in Taipei

As summer comes to Taipei, you might find yourself trudging down a hot sidewalk, the bright sun in your eyes and sweat on your brow — and face mask, if the COVID-19 pandemic continues. On sizzling subtropical days like this, cool indoor spaces where you can take a breath and find some shade are most welcome.

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台北でリフレッシュ: 今年の夏のおすすめスポット5選


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Walk along the streams in the mountains ...

Refreshing Retreats: 5 Places to Chill Out in Taipei This Summer

Around the world, summer is the time for fun in the sun. It’s a time when people emerge from winter hibernation to thaw out their stiff bodies and work on their tan. Taipei City boasts a diverse range of green spaces, world-class hiking trails, and riverside parks, making it a remarkable place to ca

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Passing down the variety of skills invol...

Old Taipei Shops Shine with Their Passion and Legacy: Honoring Traditions, Embracing Change

Taipei is a dynamic metropolis where tradition and modernity live in harmonious integration. The city is home to a legion of large, bright, and colorful malls and high-street stores, and at the same time home to an almost countless number of proud old family-run shops that have deep roots in their local communities and reputations that reach across the city and, often, far beyond.

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外国人が住みやすい街「台北」 多言語サービスの進化


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Taipei welcomes people from all over the...

Making Taipei a Foreigner-Friendly City: Improving Multilingual Services

Over the past decade, Taipei has been elevated to the elite among the most livable and best destinations for travel among Asian cities in many international indexes. Its flourishing business activities, rich and easily accessible natural resources, deep well of cultural attractions, and warm, inviting locals attract people from around the world both to visit and to live.

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With their faces painted in colors symbo...

Summer Roaming with the Taipei City God

Amid the bustling Japanese-era shophouses lining Dihua Street in Taipei’s Dadaocheng neighborhood, a colorful temple draws throngs of visitors. The temple itself is modest in size, but bursts with colorful decor and human activity. If it seems older than the other nearby historic buildings, that’s b

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台北迎城隍は台北で行われる重要な宗教行事の一つです。 台北霞海城隍廟



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Chiang demonstrates some basic carpentry...

A Carpenter’s Love of Heritage Houses in Taipei

Taipei is a city of many professions, where craftsmen and women from all walks of life work tirelessly to keep the city running. In the concrete jungle of Taipei lives a designer who actually started his career as a carpenter. In an old brick house that he personally remodeled, he promotes the warmth and romance of carpentry, while also encapsulating the handmade spirit of the many old houses tucked away in various corners of Taipei, which in turn embody local history and culture.

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Hermes Wang (right) and Debby Zheng (lef...

Ba Sian Sustainable Farm: Leading Taipei’s Green Revolution

Following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set up by the UN, sustainable agriculture is being promoted to end hunger and lessen negative impacts on the environment. In Taipei, people are steadfastly dedicating themselves to the achievement of these goals.

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八仙六代園 台北での「グリーン革命」


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Taiwanese coffee has a fresh aroma of te...

Black as Night and Sweet as Love: The Flavor of Taiwanese Coffee

It’s not difficult to get a decent cup of coffee in Taipei, as globally-renowned coffee chains can be found virtually everywhere in the city. Independent cafés with a sophisticated selection of beans and on-site roasting can also be spotted in even the narrowest of alleys, luring coffee connoisseurs with the tantalizing aroma of this storied beverage.

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Lianrang Estate has the layout of a trad...

Brick by Brick: The Spirit of Minnan Architecture in Taipei

Red is a color that symbolizes enthusiasm and positivity. In Taipei, it is also a color of times past and the memories therein. A distinctive symbol of traditional Minnan architecture, countless red brick buildings in the city record the changes this place has experienced and bear witness to the evolution of Taipei from generation to generation.

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